Embryonic mosaicism and niPGT-A: open doors to the future of Embryology - Invited Lecture ESHRE 2019



Last June 25th, Dr. Carmen Rubio presented in the ESHRE 2019 Invited Lecture the correlation between the technique of non-invasive study of PGT-A, and its development in identification of changes. Dr. Carmen addressed the real incidence of mosaicism, once again clarifying the disparity of results seen often in different works. 

What to do with the cases of embryonic mosaicism was another topic in its presentation and to be realistic in this discussion, it is pertinent to remember that the situations where couples in treatment are facing a result of PGT-A where only mosaic embryos exist is of only 1%. 

news carmen rubio

26th of June, 2019. Dr. Rubio 

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